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Pet shop (with pet shop villager)


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    DiamondArow4 commented
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    What would the workstation for the villager be?

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    Valentino4117 commented
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    I agree but also what money would the villager take 

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    Dragolantis commented
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    I feel this would absolutely break the game, as considering the new axolotl mob coming to the game, this would be a broken way to have a massive army of dogs and axolotls to absolutely obliterate anything and you'd never need to do anything, the only way to fix this would be making the currency extremely rare, like netherite scrap or ingots or nether stars, but that would shun people away from the villager, as nobody would be able to afford a single pet. I do have a solution: the villager sells and has cages in his shop, these would be used to capture untamed mobs, and could be sold to the pet trader, in which the trader would then be able to sell the creature inside, for I'd say around 20-64 emeralds. I still don't think this should be added however. Interesting concept though

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    The cages are animal cruelty