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un nuevo jefe


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    translated from Spanish: a new boss

    a new boss we have a boss for the end the dragon of the end also one for the underworld the wither I consider it from the underworld because it is made with wither heads and soul sand. And this boss would be in its own structure and would be a master witch who dances and inbounds enemies and when she dies you can revive her and release an amulet and a book, the amulet when you put it you can do the dances you do and invoke the allies them They attack the mob that you attack. The book gives you instructions on how to do the dances. -the structure 1 per world -about 189-200 hearts -it will be revived with satross crystals, those crystals add something like this 1 the 1 is normal crystal <is powder Ç is reddish stone and x lagria of goas 111 Ç <Ç XXX