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Bioluminescent plants and creatures.


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    Yes! I think this would add a deeper sense of depth in lower caves and bigger caves. I think for the great deep, we should not have these creatures. But I think instead, we could have a mining helmet you could craft with some of these glowing plants/creatures that will create a dim light around your player.

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    If we had a bioluminescent cave biome, that would be incredible!
    Just imagine walking through the cave systems and walking into a biome with glowing algae. 
    It would add so much atmosphere to see water around you glow as you walk through it.
    While also seeing glowing mushrooms and a specialized glowing grass block specific to this biome.
    The Glow Squid would be an excellent addition to this biome as well.
    Dang, they underrate this post.

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    Agreed, love to see bioilluminous plants and such, Mushrooms we've had in the overworld but they glow as well as new variants of such, and found in the caves and dark areas, Glow Slime mobs found deeper in the caves, some glow plants too and so on, also glowing ores and spores glowing on the cave walls, so yeah

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    Beautiful idea. A glowing blue variant of the lush cave where water ripples with ghostly blue light when anything interacts with it. Perhaps strings of glow worms hang from the ceiling, making cave roofs look like a magical night's sky.