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Minecraft.net and the feedback section of the website. Don't see your post? Check the links in the pinned post. Thank you! Posts regarding individual posts, bug posts, support issues, update requests, and general gameplay assistance requests will be removed.


Instead of deleting posts...


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    K. M. commented
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    Hello there! Thank you for making us aware of your concerns. If there is any confusion as to why you might not see a post you created, please check out our Feedback Website FAQ site as it should address and answer any of your questions!


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    MrPapavera commented
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    I get why I might not see it and why it might be removed. It would just be nice to actually to be able to see a history of posts and not just the approved ones.

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    Dr Sotomo commented
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    Well something like this happened to me too. I had this great hedgehig idea and I posted it 2 times on mc feedback... And they are nowhere to be found. Idk if they got deleted or what

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    Uhohhotdog83 commented
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    Listen up moderator.  We understand there are reasons, what we are saying is that your reasons are unreasonable and need to be changed.