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Bedrock Beta Performance Thread!


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    angel ocadiz commented
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    Bad performance on the load of chunks on my honor 8A 2gb of ram android 9 i report it on bugs.mojang.com and they haven't optimized it :( please more optimization on 1 and 2 gb of ram because it's very horrible the bad performance on betas, and

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    Unikgamer92 commented
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    There is an issue in which, Minecraft Ps4 gets stuck in the red Mojang Studios Screen, and it stays like that forever, and couldnt play these days because of it, and I hope it can be fixed as soon. :D

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    Very lately I've seen (in the Android beta 59/60) that I will do something like shovel a flower, or axe a torch, and nothing will appear to happen. I can repeatedly do this with different flowers or torches, and nothing will appear to happen. Then all of a sudden, maybe 15s later, when I move somewhere else, all of them will be available and floating at once. Sometimes, more rarely, a chest won't immediately open.

    I also increased my chunk distance from 12 to 20 at about the same time, and the biggest effect I see there is that it's a bit more laggy when I exit my cave system to an area with a view. I figured the Natural Mystic shader I use with the beta also might have some small effect, but it's not been a problem I noticed.

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    Dr Sotomo commented
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    I play on android- Minecraft pocket edition. I think Minecraft bedrock edition is buggy from my opinion. Like you can't play Minecraft offline I allready reported this. Because the game will 100% crash. There is some world loading issues like some areas are black even when there is torch or light source. But I think Minecraft Bedrock team is doing theyre best to solve every problem. So keep the hard work and bring us new snapchots and updates.

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    OswaldoStm1 commented
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    the performance in terms of many nearby entities produces a lot of lag I use a galaxy s7 edge the load of chunks is fatal of this entire beta I also include saying that the villagers when going to sleep become invisible and sometimes the position to go to sleep It is not correct I also take this opportunity to say that the dispawn of entities is continuous even when the enclosed animals disappear to be more specific: foxes, cows, horses and llamas, as well as other errors such as dolphins that die from being static both when being outside the water and when entering as when being in the water and leaving

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    SrNatthan commented
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    Average performance on my Moto G6 plus Android 9, my fps is between 40 and 55 but sometimes it drops from nothing to 30, and my phone's memory is not full.

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    Ibrahim25469 commented
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    I appreciate your efforts
    I have Samsung Grande Prime + , 1.5 Gb ram Android 6.0.1, bad performance on the load of chunks and Fps very bad and laggy
    There is issue with generation . The ruined portal in nether have issue I reporte it and it close without fix
    I hope you will improve and review the report

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    END38M4N commented
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    1) The performance (in general) is very low
    2) In the last beta, the perfomance has been bad, I mean, I waited for 6 minutes to create a new world, the face of pistons did not appear correctly, the sound of activations of pistons did not work, also, the animation did not show correctly, and the world generation was very slow, I could not explore because the world stoped me
    3) I play on Android (V 6.0.1)
    4) I'd like to see a better performance in the world loading and fix some of the problems of the redstone that I mentioned on top

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    There is no freezing or lagging or anything mine phone is Samsung s7 and still there is no problem

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    Yvon321 commented
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    1. What do you think about the performance of Minecraft in general?
    = I think Minecraft is Very hard to play with Android 10 and below
    2. How do you feel the performance of Minecraft is in the latest beta?
    = Very bad
    3.What kind of device do you play on? (Xbox, Windows, Android)
    = Android, Samsung Galaxy A7 2017. ( 3gb Ram, 32 Rom)
    4. Any areas of the game or scenarios you would love to see Minecraft have better performance during?
    = Namely the Fps section. I hope the Mojang can solve this problem as soon as possible before the Minecraft Official Update