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Carnivorous plant - Venus flytrap


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    This is a great idea. Minecraft has added bees and soon will add axolotls to raise awareness. The Venus Flytrap would be a perfect plant to add. Maybe they would spawn in a rare swamp variant to show how they are declining in the real world. They could eat spiders, cave spiders, endermites and silverfish, but not bees. When they eat bugs, their mouth closes and it takes 1-5 days to digest. They would not be a mob, but a plant that would grow and have different stages. They would attempt to grow a flower at some point and bees would be able to pollinate from these. If you break the flower, you ca craft it into another flytrap or feed it to bees. The flytrap would start 1x1x1 but would eventually expand other a larger area (3x3?). They cannot injure the player, as in real life, venus flytaps are harmless to people. perhaps they could drop special items with special abilities?