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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Archeology sites (remove tents)


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    i agree 100%. i mean here are all these ancient and long abandoned structures of some long lost civilization, clearly not built buy the peaceful villagers and no other sign of any recent human activity in the game.... oh wait whats that? some random abandoned wool tents that survived the weather of hundreds of years but look like they are still in working order as if the workers called for holiday? lol that would not feel right at all.

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    JewellW4289 commented
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    I liked the tent looking feature and if there weren't tents then the dig site wouldn't even be excavated because then there would still have been some outside influence on the site , so then you would have no idea where the sites were and you would need the tent to find the brushes they mentioned , unless they can be crafted which there was no mention of being able to craft them . Also having the tents seems to add more ambiance to the game because then you could wonder what happened to the workers and who they were and where they went along with wondering what built the structures .

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    JEOPHERNIX commented
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    Yeah I agree maybe the tents go with another structure in the future such as a camping area or something...?