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Broader cool down types


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    The main point of the Combat Test was to allow players to spam attack without having to wait for the cooldown unless they want a charged attack. PvP players play in 1.8 for the sole reason of being able to attack multiple times in quick succession, which actually makes much sense. You shouldn't have to wait between every attack unless you want more reach and critical hits (hopefully critical hits would only available through the cooldown, and not jumping). This is because it makes PvP more interesting and challenging. As for PvE, mobs and game difficulty would be improved in phase 2 of the Combat Tests, so spam clicking wouldn't make you superior or overpowered, killing mobs as if they are pests. I'm sure they'd balance the ability to spam attack by making mobs faster at responding and attacking, and by making them develop strategies like attacking enemies from behind (just an example).

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    Ziad El-Moursy, ignoring that fact that I didn't suggest anywhere that any more cooldown should be added, only that its effects should be consistent and logical (if there's a cool down on one type of ball why should you be able to throw another just fine. If your sheild was stunned, why should you be able to keep swinging a sword in the other hand)
    1. No, there are many more reasons other than spam attacking, to play 1.8 combat.
    2. There are reasons why you should have to wait between attacks in many cases. For example, to differentiate axes, etc and make combat more varied, so I doubt they'll ever go away completely.
    3. The jump attack is a great part of the game that shouldn't be removed, the timed attack should have its own damage bonus.
    4. 1.8 isn't more interesting or challenging than 1.9, the way it's played is just completely different.
    5. Spamming is awful for pve, difficulty alone won't fix that, what they need to do is make timed attacks do the same dps as spamming so its a viable option for people who want it, and then balance mobs for that.