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Make food regen only heal every 4 seconds again


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    I think regeneration should be interrupted like how eating interruption works. When you're attacked by a mob or player, your regeneration will be twice as slow and twice as expensive for 4 seconds.

    And in case you ask, the reason regeneration becomes twice as expensive is so you lose hunger at the same rate as regenerating quickly, so hitting someone while running away doesn't enable them to run even farther.

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    I've always thought the same!

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    Slower natural regen would make so much sense in the context of Minecraft, agreed! Like you said, we have potions and golden apples. Some of the most interesting game types in both PVE and PVP are those where damage is more permanent and you can't naturally regenerate at all, so a change to 4 second regeneration just makes sense.

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    Marko Nx commented
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    The main reason is, if the hunger you regen is a fixed number, like half a heart each X seconds, if its too low, things like withering and fire kills you, and if its too low, you'll still outheal them. Personally i feel like the healing isn't as big, but i still could see your regen depending of your hunger, thats a nice feature that adds strategy. It wouldn't be full heath. Also have in mind, you lose hunger so fast and if you get hit while eating it resets you.

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    Marko Nx "if its too low, things like withering and fire kills you, and if its too high, you'll still outheal them"

    Sure, you wouldn't be able to out-heal things like withering or burning, but is that really such a bad thing? These effects were introduced when players could only heal every 4 seconds and only when completely full. I think UHCs and harder gamemodes highlight that PVE and PVP are at their best when natural regen is slow and you can't depend on it to recover quickly. The problem I have (and apparently others too!) with regeneration every 2 seconds is that damage becomes trivialized in combat situations even with just regular food, and the heart of the issue of regen hasn't really been solved.

    The 2 seconds regen also combines what I didn't like about V5 regen (hunger going down too quickly) without keeping what made V5 fantastic (easy to grasp, sensible timing). Maybe a move towards V5's regen would be closer to the mark.

    It's better than the saturation boost, much better, but I think more can be done to make damage count, and to make the system more intuitive and deliberate.