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Piglins behave differently depending on where you encounter them.


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    I don't know about that one. I like that they attack you, it's annoying, but it makes sense. Let's take a step back and look at this logically. They don't even know YOU or what you ARE. They're natives of the Nether. Not you. They are used to Endermen and magma cubes. Not you. They have adapted to their lives there and the many challenges it comes with.

    They know all they have to do to avoid an Endermen's wrath is to not look into their eyes. They know to kill Wither Skeletons and magma cubes because of the danger/items they get. But you? You're NEW. And think about how humans, as a society, reacts to the different and unknown. We shouldn't hold the Piglins to a higher standard. So they have every right to attack us, but I would like the more you come around the more they try to scope you out. Like maybe you have to move slowly so you don't spook them into attacking you? And maybe the more you trade with them the better/more diverse they get?? Like they share the secrets of "soul sand walking" and other Nether related enchantment with you?

    Another thing I would like also like is for them to actually have little dirty huts, not just the bastion, and maybe little scouting parties to patrol for food/threats to their people. They would try to smack you away/push you back from their village/bastion. As they don't trust you yet, and they would have to get used to you before they allowed you in. Even with a full golden armor set. Now THAT would be great gameplay.