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This category is for the special Experimental Combat Snapshot feedback only and features that exist in this snapshot only. This category is temporary and WILL be archived when we have a new snapshot to discuss. This keeps your feedback relevant, fresh, and current. Please focus on features that are IN the release and do not suggest new features/weapons/mechanics here. Thank you.


There's no point for the cooldown


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    Plus those servers still have lots of players who use auto click programs. Yeah it's the us the survival players are feeling the pinch. No matter what your difficulty setting is. Easy, Normal, Hard. If you're playing survival, you're guaranteed to skip the night.

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    If you're unhappy with the current combat system, Jeb has been working on experimental combat snapshots which you can download from reddit and leave feedback on!

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    Cooldown made survival more challenging, so it's not that bad in my opinion. Playing hardcore since 1.9 is such a great experience.

    But of course I still play on 1.8.9 when playing PvP servers, like Hypixel or oc.tc.


    I hope this new combat system doesn't mess up and split the minecraft community again, as 1.9 did. Since some people got really good at 1.9 combat system (like Dream), and they probably won't want that to change.

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    Enders Host commented
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    Or they could just allow you to spam attacking or wait to time attacks so that people can attack however they want, seeing as those actions don't conflict at all.