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Fireworks do more Damage


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    Maybe make firework stars crafted with fire charges do more damage and have more radius? It would give a use to fire charges so the larger explosion isn't just visual.

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    Maybe it should deal extra damage when it directly hits a player/mob. I'd also like them to inflict knockback, so you can Rocket Jump.

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    satan dong commented
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    I disagree, adding multiple firework stars in the crafting recipe increases it's damage drastically already. Allowing you to absolutely destroy unarmored opponents.

    From what I've tested it can deal around 7-8 hearts of damage if you hit a target directly. I don't believe firework damage stacks with multi-shot, if it did, it would probably instantly kill most things.

    I think a better change would be to make it cheaper to acquire this damage by giving the player more firework stars when crafted.


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    Matt85045 commented
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    The problem with putting multiple firework stars on a firework is that, in addition to being too expensive to be practical, fireworks create a large amount of particle effects. This is problematic on multiplayer servers, where lag is more common, and multiple people using crossbows means there can be many more rockets at any given time.

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    Not quite tnt thats too op but sure.

    They should also do explosive damage and be stopped by blast prot rather than proj prot.