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Make the eating interruption a probability


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    It's tedious to attack a player that's chugging golden apples and healing potions, so no thanks.

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    I feel like using RNG on combat which is supposedly skill based shouldn't be implemented. Luck shouldn't determine a game even if it's only gonna happen during rare occasions. I think a way to have eating interruption could be implemented by slowing down eating instead of stopping it every time someone hits you or maybe you only get interrupted by critical hits. I'm just saying there are many ways to improve it but relying on randomness isn't good in my opinion.

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    I strongly disagree; if eating interruption was based on RNG, it would probably be much, much more frustrating than if it was predictable and happened every single time you were attacked. It'll stop feeling like it's actually your fault that your eating was interrupted, and instead you'll blame the game for it.

    If you play the snapshot, eating interruption isn't that big of a factor anyway, it hardly ever happens, especially in PVE, since you don't need to eat or drink as much in combat scenarios.

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    Enders Host commented
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    Probabilities would just make it annoying, I'd prefer it to be consistent