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Additional damage from empty offhand


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    I believe making it an advantage to play without a shield will be very good for PvP, as people now will favor being aggresive rather than defensive, a flaw in 1.9+. In 1.9+, as Technoblade points out, PvP favors the defender, and this might counter that.

    Instead, I think holding only a weapon should do the weapons damage, but holding a shield in your offhand would bring down the damage you do normally (and critically) by a lot. That way shields are nerfed.


    After all, it takes 6 wood and 1 iron to stop a creeper explosion that would've killed you in 1 hit if you were in full iron???

    Overpowered if you ask me...

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    Hmm, perhaps having nothing in your offhand could increase your damage by 15%? I would say 10%, but that's too little of a difference. 20% is just a little too high, so I think a 15% damage increase would be about right.