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(Combat Test 8c) If new shields are being added, nerf the wooden shield


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    RedSol6419 commented
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    I think whether or not they should be Nerfed depends on how other Shields are added.

    If they add new Shields that function the same as Wooden Shields, but they're better, then they should possibly be Nerfed. If, however, they added new Shields that functioned differently, (for example a Smaller Shield that blocks more Physical Damage, but has less protection against Projectiles and Explosions) then Wooden Shields would probably be fine as is.

    Of course they could do both, add new types of Shields, and have tiers for all kinds.

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    In my opinion, it should at least block the damage of an equivalent-tiered sword. So 4 would be ok for a wooden shield, since unenchanted wooden swords deal 4 damage.

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    Zeffi Toto commented
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    Considering how trivial shields make some things, I think I can appreciate this suggestion. Although, if they're going to bother with this, they should also make blocking with the shield not work on explosions anymore -- at least not like it currently does. It's frankly ridiculous how you can completely defend from a creeper by holding a shield up like that.