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Remove the bow's loss of avvuracy as you hold it longer


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    A Gallipot commented
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    if you to hold your shot for a long period of a long time, that's what crossbows are for. This change encourages bows users to swift with their actions. Crossbows will be better suited to tediously positioned shot. Meaning there are now two different play styles for ranged combat which I fully support. Bows and crossbows are now like hammers and screwdrivers. They get the job done in their own way.

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    RedSol6419 commented
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    Something you don't seem to be considering, is that they're also increasing Arrows Accuracy, so overall I think it's more of a buff. Honestly the lower accuracy might still be better than the current accuracy. (not 100% sure on that, but at the least it's not much different)

    In addition to that, the lower accuracy isn't that much worse, it would only be very noticeable at long range, and if I had to guess, most people probably aren't usually shooting things from very far away anyways.

    And lastly, it's not that bad for things to get Nerfed, especially when they're one of the strongest Weapons in the game regardless.

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    Additionally in my own personal experience eith the bow and arrow holding it longer gives me more time to eye my target and actually would help me become more accurate. 

    Actually, drawing a bow for too long in real life can really get your arm exhausted. That's why you lose accuracy.