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Drinking water should temporarily stop hunger bar from decreasing


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    A food item already helps with this, its just not many people know it. craft a suspicious stew with either a dandelion or blue orchid and eat that. Not only will it fill your hunger bar by 6 points ( 3 shanks) but it will give you a potion effect called saturation that continues to fill your hunger bar for 0.3 seconds. This could fill your hunger bar if you only have 6 hunger points.

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    So how would this work? Would it stop you from regenerating, or would it allow you to regenerate without consuming hunger. If it's the latter, I think it's a good idea.

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    @gas_powered_pick No, that would be an alternative solution if the player didn’t have food yet but drinking water bottle wouldn’t fill the hunger bar it would just prevent it from decreasing it would be good when the player runs because running decreases the hunger bar fast

    I'm using a translator the message may be misspelled

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    RedSol6419 commented
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    This is similar to an idea I've posted, in that I think drinking Water should slow down Hunger loss.

    gas powered pick personally I'd say yes, the effect to Hunger wouldn't change anything about Health regeneration, so you'd loose Hunger slower(or not at all) and still regenerate Health normally.

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    gas powered pick I think he means that water bottles would refill saturation, but not hunger. Saturation is a hidden statistic that determines how fast hunger depletes. I think this is a good idea, it wouldn't be too impactful on gameplay though. Also, in the new combat update, natural regeneration isn't affected by saturation either, so it really would just affect how much time until you get hungry again