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Rebalancing reach (tweaking numbers)


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    I agree with more subtle reach differences between weapons.

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    I don't agree.

    For one, why do people think that reach is unimportant in PvE? It's extremely important! With an axe you have to be just about within the reach of a mob to hit them, but with a hoe you don't. But the hoe is so pitiful on damage it's still not very good.

    I don't think the reach should be changed. I think it's fine now.

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    I agree.

    I do many tests on reach things, and seeing those proposed changes makes me feel good understanding that they could balance well the gap between PvE and PvP.

    Normal reach is fine.

    Axes, well, then some enemies should get reach buffs too on phase 2, but it's really balanced, and would improve the usage of axes on PvP.

    Hoes/Tridents would be perfect. With one of them you are untouchable if you use them well. This would also make possible weapon enchantments on hoes too, since if they stay as they are now they won't be used that much if don't have the enchantments, but would be extremely op if they do have the enchantments (in the current state).