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Villager Personalities


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    The only mob in the game that has a few different personality types are the panda, so why don't villagers have different personalities? The panda's personalities include normal, lazy, worried, playful, aggressive and weak. Villager personalities could work in a similar way, but it would change their trades, routine and how they act towards the player and other villagers. A silly villager has a very happy face, they love to work, can have good trades, gets along with a lot of other villagers/players , loves to move in a very exaggerated way and dance/hum to music. A lazy villager who slacks off, are very slow, has a chill face, and has absolutely terrible trades most of the time. A sickly villager is very teary eyed with a snotty nose, they have half as many hearts as other villagers, they sneeze a lot, are very slow, they typically avoid other villagers and players, and typically doesn't trade much but they can have decent trades. An angry villager face would have a frown and slightly furrowed eyebrows, they won't trade with the player until the player slowly builds up their trust by giving them emeralds, when they are hit by a player/mob they hit them until they die/run away, the same thing will also happen when other villagers are attacked, and they can have good trades depending on how high their trust level is.