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Tiered shields


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    Eh, I feel that tier shields are just not a minecraft-y thing. I don't really think that they'd feel right, even if they are in-fact added into the game.

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    Yo pienso que es una buena idea, porque los escudos tienen que ser siempre de madera? Que los hagan de otros materiales 🐵

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    I like where this idea is going, however i think these shields should block more damage, but get disabled after each attack. For example swords disable the shield for a short amount of time (like 2-3 seconds), and axes disable shields for (4+[Level Of Cleaving Enchantment] Seconds). This keeps axes relevant as it reduces the amount of time that the opponent can reduce damage.

    Another thing is that it should take more than a single piece of material to upgrade a shield to the next tier. Someone can easily obtain a diamond shield if it only costs 6 wood + 1 leather + 2 iron + 1 diamond.

    Golden shields also should not be able to go straight to diamond, as gold is a weak material. I feel like gold should be its own category, and that once you upgrade to gold, you cant go back, but it would need to have more effects than just the ability to pacify piglins.

    Shields should be able to block arrows until a certain power enchantment on the bow, and only accounts for the damage block IF the bow bypasses the power cap for the shield.

    Wooden blocks unenchanted
    Leather  blocks power 1
    Gold/Iron/Turtle blocks power 2
    Diamond blocks power 3
    Netherite blocks power 4

    For example, a power 2 Bow does 13 damage fully charged
    if fired at a Gold/Iron/Turtle shield or higher it blocks all damage
    if fired at a Leather shield, it hits the player for 9 damage (13-4=9)

    The same goes for crossbows piercing enchantment.

    Gold/Iron/Turtle blocks Unenchanted
    Diamond blocks Piercing 1
    Netherite blocks Piercing 2

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    Leather is the same tier as wood--leather for armor, wood for tools, because it wouldn't make sense to use leather for tools, or wood for armor. There should be a stone shield too. Turtle shield is unnecessary, since its perk is unrelated to the perk of the turtle helmet.

    I think that the shields should follow the trends of normal tools and have the same tiers: Wood (default), stone, iron, diamond, netherite. I'm also not sure about the smithing table thing. That makes it extremely easy to get high level shields, since to get to diamond, all you would need is a wooden shield, one iron, and one diamond. I think you should craft them all, except netherite. So the crafting recipes would be:

    6 Wood + 1 Iron = Wooden Shield

    6 Cobblestone + 1 Iron = Stone Shield

    7 Iron = Iron Shield

    6 Diamond + 1 Iron = Diamond Shield

    Then with a smithing table: 1 Diamond Shield + 1 Netherite Ingot = Netherite Shield

    Good idea, just a little bit overthought.

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    I like the idea, however, I think having fewer tiers and different perks with each shield, or maybe just special enchantments for shields that make the good for the late game will work out.