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Stews should stack to 16


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    Suspicious stews can't stack due to their different NBT tags. Stacking them would reveal their effect. I think a more elegant solution for suspicious stews would be to do something like this; upon crafting them, give them the chance to have varying potency and durations to the effect. So, unstackable, unpredictable, but rewarding. I made a whole datapack about this, it can't be too hard to implement

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    It's not impossible to stack Stews with different NBT. Just put the tags in order, the first one ate could be poison then the second jump boost, etc... and for instant stacking, it can be put in an arbitrary order based on where it was originally in the inventory. Like right-clicking in the inventory with a bundle but it does not show you what's inside and there is not a 0 stack item.