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This category is for the special Experimental Combat Snapshot feedback only and features that exist in this snapshot only. This category is temporary and WILL be archived when we have a new snapshot to discuss. This keeps your feedback relevant, fresh, and current. Please focus on features that are IN the release and do not suggest new features/weapons/mechanics here. Thank you.


Nerf the hunger effect


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    Jeremy Tanner commented
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    Agreed! Had to patch a datapack for this. The hunger effect is wild because of the changes to foodExhaustion and saturation. It should be adjusted a bit.

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    Enders Host commented
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    If you're taking damage your hunger should go down fast, while you're running around and doing stuff your hunger should go down very little.

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    super . commented
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    Maybe not nerfs, but obviously need many tweaks. It is really broken actually, and obviously that it should drain the food bar ridicously fast at high hunger levels, but not at lower levels like 10.