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Charged Strikes could be more impactful


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    Critical hits being exclusive to charged attacks is a great idea. Critical hits should also deal double damage to compensate.

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    DDZiroWan commented
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    Critical hits should not be exclusive to a charged attack, that would make axes useless.

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    Hey DDZiroWan, But axes have 200% charged attacks, don't they?

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    super . commented
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    This idea is great to recompensate charged attacks. (I only talk about the critical hits and the knockback, the third idea may still be discussed)

    You have my vote.

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    RedSol6419 commented
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    I think it'd be good for Critical Attacks to require 200% Charge, though it'd be interesting if Slower Weapons like the Axe didn't need it.

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    Agreed with @RedSol6419, slower weapons would need a buff (or crits would need a buff) if you have to wait to charge. Turns out it's not as simple as "charge to crit".

    Jeb made any attack to be able to crit back in V4 due to an imbalance when crits dealt more damage on charged hits. Slower weapons like Axes and Tridents can't combo as well as Hoes and Swords, so they depend on quick crits to match Sword DPS. By having to wait to properly crit, they were unviable in PVP.

    I think I came up with a pretty good solution, though. By buffing crits to x1.75, modifying charge time from 200% to 80% + 8 ticks, and increasing the base damage of Axes by +1 and attack speed of Tridents by +0.5, this is was it would look like;

    Diamond Axe (Reach of 2.5) :

    • Damage per tick when spamming: 8 damage / 10 ticks = 0.8
    • Damage per tick with perfect charged crits: 14 damage / 16 ticks = 0.875

    Diamond Sword (Reach of 3.0):

    • Damage per tick when spamming: 6 damage /  6.67 ticks = 0.9
    • Damage per tick with perfect charged crits: 10.5 damage / 13 ticks = 0.8

    Trident (Reach of 3.5):

    • Damage per tick when spamming: 7 damage /  8 ticks = 0.875
    • Damage per tick with perfect charged crits: 12.3 damage / 14 ticks = 0.85

    These are the changes that would be needed for crits to be exclusive to charged attacks. Swords would still be the meta, but Tridents and Axes would be serious competitors. What do you guys think?

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    super . commented
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    Tabarnaque8507 Your idea is perfect, and as a player who plays frequently on 1.8 servers and 1.16 (or with 1.9/1.11 combat) servers, I can say that it's perfect.