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Speed Block (Map Making,Operator Items)


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    saunder07 commented
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    This is a great idea, but you can already do this using command blocks. You just have to detect what block is below the player, and if it matches, it can preform a set of operations, such as effecting the player with speed.

    If you are wondering how to do this, I explain it below (I use bedrock commands a lot, so the syntax may be different for Java.) I’ll just use a diamond block for the block that effects the player with speed.

    You can place a command block, set it to repeat and always active and type: “execute @p ~ ~ ~ testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ diamond_block”

    Then place a comparator in front of it, and in front of the comparator place a command block set to repeat, but needs redstone and type: “effect @p speed (Time in Seconds) (Amplifier for the effect) (true/false for particle effects)




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    /execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ gold_block 0 effect @s speed 2 1 true