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If you have netherite armor piglins doesnt atack you


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    ProGamer2589 commented
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    Evan Diaz commented
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    i think the thought process behind it is that it doesn't look shiny and yellow so they don't think its gold. Plus it makes you sacrifice at least one armor slot which isn't a lot if you have full diamond/netherite.

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    BlueStaff06 commented
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    It makes sense but it makes gold armor redundant again, also yes its made of gold but how can the piglins see the gold under the ancient debris because in netherite you can't see the gold just its shape. If you want to prove me wrong then please do so 

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    as Evan Diaz said, the point of gold is that they can have it, but more importantly it's a nice shiny material that seems special to them, in that case you would have to be able to barter with them with netherite

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    but its not shiny