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Natural regeneration enchantment


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    They were about to add this in Jungle Awakens, but they scrapped it. I think this too OP, though. Maybe there should be a chance?

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    This enchantments exists but you can only get it by modding it on a armor piece with a dungeon editor. It is decribed as,, After not taking damage for 10 seconds you will regenerate 0,8% of max health pre second (tier 1), 1% of max health per second (tier 2) and 1,2% of max health per second (tier 3)". If you modded this Enchant in the game it aktually works, after not taking damage you will aktually regenerate, the issue however is that this is bugged, Instead of healing 0,8%/1%/1,2% of the max health, it literarly regenerates 1 health point per second, eighter this is intended or it is bugged. I tried reporting it on the bug report site of Minecraft Dungeons but some developer just say ,,you normaly can only acess this enchant with third party tools, your issue is invalid". My suggestion would be that The developers add this enchantment to the game and fix the current bug with it. I mean we have ,,Explorer" an Enchantment that kinda does the same thing, It heals you for going on through the mission basically exploring. The healing of explorer is 1% of max health on tier 3. 1% Of max health is not that much and it isn't OP is is Ok I guess. So why can't we have a enchantment that heals you for basically just standing still and not taking damage.