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The Flaw (An Invasive Mob Type)


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    Perhaps from these rifts come stronger, more deadly mobs as well, Dubbed "the nemesis".



    Rifts could appear In strongholds occasionally, spawning flaws, a type of weaponized flaw (called the "mistake") and a new Mini-boss, which resembles a mechanical anomaly the shape of a player With two glowing eyes. They could look different depending on their weapon, which there are three types of them.


    - the sword nemesis uses a tactic of going the opposite direction that we go, but once It gets too close, The mob will go all out. They occasionally have a shield.

    - the Crossbow nemesis will try to keep a distance, sometimes teleporting while firing their crossbows, and will occasionally use a multishot decay arrow spread while strafing around the player.

    -  the potion nemesis will do a similar act to witches, but will occasionally throw a lingering decay potion. This mob also will cast an Illager style spell to give nearby mistakes strength an nearby flaws resistance.


    Upon defeat, the said nemesis will drop their weapon of choice, purpur blocks, and a sealing chain that can be used once to seal a rift. This kind of mechanic would make these Invasive mob one of a kind and give us players a new challenge. perhaps nemesi (or nemesis...es..?) could naturally spawn In the end In End Islands, opening rifts and raiding end cities... Overall, I wanna see your opinion, good Idea, dude.

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    jareth verens commented
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    @Reynaldo Spencer I like a lot of what you're suggesting there, I think it should still be only a few that spawn in Invasions, considering that they can only be killed by Explosions, but could still technically be guided away using your vision.

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the Sword Nemesis going the exact opposite direction, whether it's towards/away or strafing left/right, but I think that when it goes all out, it should clone it's sword inside itself like Thorns at you (Regardless of whether you were looking at it or not). As for a shield, it'd be the pressure that kills the things, not the explosion itself so shields wouldn't stop that... BUT it could have shields around it anyway to stop it seeing any Glass while still finding you!
    (It's theorised that a Flaw seeing it's own reflection stops it from moving...).

    With the Crossbow Nemesis, I think it should only shoot while you're looking away, while strafing left or right to try to avoid you looking at it!

    The Potion Nemesis's resistance spell would probably fit more as an Aura that stabilises nearby Flaws other than it's own type, you'd have to kill these before the others... (Stabilising the Flaws would make them less likely to be killed by an explosion)

    Because of the 1.5k character limit, there was some details I couldn't include in the post.
    The Flaw are like a Rival to the Endermen, they try to stay clear of any Flaw.

    They actually would AVOID End Cities because of the Purple Stained Glass in the buildings!