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Add a minecraft:projectile_launcher object to items


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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    If you don't understand what I'm suggesting, I'm suggesting a way to add new throwable items. Like, with this it would be so easy for map makers to make a new bow that takes 2 seconds to charge, but deals almost twice the damage. Like for example, an add-on creator could create the following items:

    Longbow: "continual_fire": false, "must_be_fully_charged": false, "full_charge_time": 2.0, "ammo": arrow

    Shortbow: "continual_fire": false, "must_be_fully_charged": false, "full_charge_time": 0.5, "ammo": arrow

    And, predictably, the longbow would deal twice the damage of a normal bow (18 to 20 damage when fully charged) and the shortbow would deal half the damage of a normal bow (5 damage when fully charged).