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Turn Bedrock Villager Trades back to normal!


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    electrivulp commented
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    No way! The nether update is awesome! And plus, enchanted items NEED to be expensive. If you pay 1 emerald for an enchanted item, then a whole gigantic goal (making an enchanting table & getting the lapis for it) would be demolished! Enchanted items would practically lose their worth completely! I would certainly pay 20 emeralds for an enchanted diamond sword if I didn’t have an enchanting table, a diamond sword, or the lapis to use one! This is outrageous, and I certainly hope Mojang doesn’t put this into consideration.

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    Josie Wolfe commented
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    Why would you want to do that? it would make lapis and enchanting tables useless!

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    im not criticizing the nether update, just this one feature. I agree the nether update is one of the best updates in minecraft. As for the argument that it would make enchanting tables useless, the enchantment table lets you choose what enchantment you want while the trades give you a forced enchantment usually at level 1. And the likelyhood that you would have 20 emeralds before you have a diamond sword is extremely unlikely. Enchanted Items' worth wasnt lost before, and it wont be again.

    For those who dont want a 12-Emerald Unbreaking I Iron Sword, please consider upvoting this post

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    Absolutely not! The new villager trades are wonderful for many reasons, primarily (in my opinion) because they increased the trade cap - I can trade carrots with farmers, for example, like 10 times in one go instead of 4. Carrots are so easy to farm because you throw looting on a hoe from an anvil and you get 64+ carrots from an 8-10 plot of farm. Same with potatoes. I am able to level up a villager to master in one sitting and that was never possible before. Emeralds are now significantly easier to obtain than they were before and it’s only natural that the prices be amped. I always thought it was strange that the diamond things were as cheap as they were to be honest. There’s a reason so few people have upvoted this post. It’s a very bad suggestion that I hope they ignore completely. You say the unlikelihood of having 20 emeralds is unlikely, but are you just really bad at trading or something? I got 33 emeralds from ONE farmer in one trading session just last night. And I have 2 farmers. You can sell rotten flesh to clerics, an item you will have at any point in the game. I say all that to say this: you’re wrong. You either don’t research properly, haven’t traded with villagers enough to know better, or just aren’t willing to put in the work to get the emeralds.

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    @marissagnwalker I think you are missing the point, that the only items that they increased the price of were the enchanted items, not just the diamond ones. Also, when you said how it is unlikely you have 20 emeralds, you obviously were too busy saying i didnt do my research properly to notice that i said that it is unlikely you have twenty emeralds BEFORE you have a diamond sword, as most minecraft players will try to get diamonds before finding a village. My main point in this is that the non-diamond gear, aka the enchanted iron tools and bows, were irrationally increased, as a two-emerald iron sword with smite I, is a pretty good start of game weapon to have, kind of as a reward for finding the village.

    All i can say is, at least the other two people who dissagreed with me gave me actual reasons not to add this instead of spreading even more negativity on the internet.