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Shifting and middle clicking will "pick tool"


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    Ultra Gamer64 commented
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    That is a pretty cool idea. Would speed up things a lot, specially for axe, shovel and hoe, not everything is kept in hotbar.

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    Bloquii commented
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    I always thought this will be a pretty good idea. I hope this is someday actually released in the game.

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    Cade Sturm commented
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    The best part about this idea is how much more space will be available on the hotbar. Most players already have a majority of their space taken up by tools, weapons, shields, torches, food, totems, etc, and there's hardly any room for blocks when you're building. Having all of the basic tools relegated to one hotbar slot gives more room for blocks and decorations that the player might want to place.

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    porsh111 commented
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    I love this idea, another way of implementing it would be if you already have the block that you are looking at in your hand and you middle click then it gives you the tool and just middle clicking on a hostile mob gives you your sword. Also, if you do it on a sheep it could give you shears, on a cow you get a bucket, and other special tools for passive mobs.

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    EMan LGI commented
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    Yes, Please We Neeed This