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Tropic island biome


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    I had basically the same idea. This would be a great transition from jungle biome to beach biome. It would be good to generate small tropic island biomes surrounded by beach within the ocean biome.

    I thought bananas could grow as a Banana Bunch block that breaks into 3-5 bananas. When a Banana is eaten it could leave a Banana Peel which can be turned into fertilizer (or for some other purpose?)

    I thought a coconut block could be affected by gravity only when it is not attached to leaves. Harvesting takes a long time unless you use an axe. When you do it always breaks into two halves that can be eaten for small amounts of hunger, or crafted into terrible armour.

    Gorillas could spawn here. The gorillas should come in 3 variants: silverback, normal (female), and baby. The baby will grow into a silverback 15% of the time. To be bred, a silverback and normal gorilla must be given a banana each. Silverbacks are fast and aggressive unless the player holds a banana. Silverbacks are also aggressive to zombies, and skeletons. The normal gorillas are neutral but will fight back when attacked. They drop xp and 0-1 banana peels as loot. I thought Gorillas were a good idea as they would be a powerful ally or dangerous opponent depending on how we interact.

    Obviously I think these are great ideas. This biome could easily be called Archipelago or Jungle Outskirts as well.