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Stop making us kill turtles!


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    SwissGrater commented
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    yes, because we already dont murder thousands of bred cows, pigs, sheep, and chicken every minecraft day.

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    How about making adult turtles despawn if they haven't bred, similar to hoglins, so that baby turtles grow up before despawning. Of course turtles that spawn with world generation won't despawn. This would be nice because killing turtles is tedious and only drops seagrass.

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    Zeffi Toto commented
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    @SwissGrater -Those mobs were designed to be killed for resources. Turtles were designed to be protected, and there's no benefit to killing them--only letting them grow into adults.

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    Blulectric commented
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    This needs more attention. I gotta kill baby turtles so I don't lag out the game due to too many entities.

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    XT ElfKing TX commented
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    i just wish they dropped more scutes and turtle meat, maybe turtle shell knee pads/shoulder pads or somthing. dropping seaweed is fair but id like more with the scutes and shells. seems their only purpose is growing up. i love the life they add to the oceans, i got 80 turtles but the scutes despawn too fast or somthing cause i only got about half that right now.