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Ender Sloth (Chorus Clinger)


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    LoyalSwan commented
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    Does it drop anything?

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    Ianthedawg commented
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    It would probably drop chorus fruit, or maybe some sort of short range teleportation potion ingredient, i.e. you would teleport 1 blocks when attacked, 2 for an upgraded potion, although that may defeat the little guy's friendly purpose if you have to kill him for a potion ingredient lol. I definitely think there may be an end update in our sights, if not a cave update or adventure update, so fingers crossed!

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    I really like the idea of it singing the end tunes while hanging from the trees :D And clinging on players of course!
    I would say though, ability to teleport players would totally be overpowered. I think that one shouldn't be the case.
    If you fall in the void, maybe the sloth will teleport alone, with one of your items, which are randomly chosen, but the better and rarer they are, more chance he saves them. Think like this, little fella likes shiny rare things :D

    It could also be some kind of a "shield" on your back. A little sloth saved your life from an arrow, and gave his instead.

    This is my final idea. Tame them with an overworld food (something rare, maybe even a new type of food, just for that guy?) and bring them home. Put them on a chorus tree you planted at your home. They will naturally harvest it, and because they are tamed, they won't eat the flowers. This can make an excellent chorus farm, something we never had before :D
    If you have multiple trees, it won't be a problem for them, they can climb onto Chorus Plants that are in 15x15 radius.
    It doesn't have to be required for a potion, it can just be a good companion.

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    Gundabadguy commented
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    I think that you should be able to breed them but they take multiple chorus fruit and take a very long time to grow up.