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Bees rebuilding nest over time if broken


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    Evan Diaz commented
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    There should at least be 3 homeless bees for this to happen and should take about 1-2 minecraft days.

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    This would completely contradict the game's current gameplay, where if you break a beehive, the bees sting you and then they die. Would you be suggesting that bees don't sting you if you break their hive? Also, what happens if you place a block where the original bee nest was. Lastly, this would ruin the purpose of bee nests, which is currently the only use for honeycomb besides blocks.

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    Uhohhotdog83 commented
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    I like the idea of homeless bees building hives.

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    Would this mean that homeless bees would randomly pathfind around a general area? What materials would they gather (pollen, wood stuff, other things)?

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    Great idea "SHOTFIRE OMEGA"! I also agree that the bees should physically gather materials for the nest!