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Please add text chat to Minecraft Dungeons!


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    I agree, played with a friend and it was extremely annoying having to alt tab to steam all the time just to write something.

    Honestly text-chat is something I really thought they had implemented without any doubt!

    Really hope they add this, the chat-wheel is nowhere as good as text-chat, sure its fun to fool around with but you really got to be able to communicate with other players, not everyone has a microphone...

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    My friend and I are having a hard time playing this game, due to this feature being missing. It's insane it's not in the game. I have to split my screen, one side being the game and one side being discord and have to tab out of the game to type. The fact this is missing boggles the mind and to be honest, had I known this game didn't have a chat function, I wouldn't have purchased it. There's no reason for a multiplayer game in this day and age to not have any sort of chat function. And no, the terribly keyed chat emoticons dont count. I can't even say hello with those. And speaking of, who exactly decided that "N" is for Yes? "K" for thanks? That's just ridiculous.
    Please PLEASE get this added ASAP. I need a way to communicate with my friends.

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    I see the reason they did it, due to kids playing, but for accounts older than 13 text or voice chat in-game would be smart.