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Add PvP


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    Clarified subject to aid searching.

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    Hawukk commented
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    Yes and the whole game would benefit from this because if the matchmaking is done according to power level it would be fair.

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    Good Day commented
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    It would also add another new element to the game, making competitions and such comparing each character build to the current power level of the character. Adding a little competition would inevitably end up as a factor that drives players to have fun. Of course not everyone will enjoy this, so I suggest that it will be optional if you want to compete or not. In my personal opinion, adding PvP is very worth it, though ultimately up to the developers, this and the friends of a humble Minecraft Dungeons player will be happy. :)

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    Reynaldo Spencer commented
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    Perhaps this could be put In the form of a new area In the camp: the crucible. Where we find a weapon smith who’s busy watching the arena. The arenas should be different and there should be 4 game modes, 2 for normal pvp and 2 for “warfare” pvp : 1v1 (Which Is the typical PvP game mode), 2v2 (same but with two players, by pressing X and A at the same time, we can revive our other teammate In the other 3 game modes), warfare (4v4 or 8v8, You get access to two large areas for spawn points, and the loot depends on power levels) and capture the banner. (Essentially a capture the flag game mode that also has the choice between normal CTB , which Is 4v4, and Mega CTB, which Is 8v8), using the crucible method would allow dungeons to be a success, allowing us to get crucible exclusive pets and gear (that’s right, I said Pets.) and will allow us to have more options If endless mode becomes boring In some shape or form.

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    I agree, dungeons is already boring after doing everything. pvp would make me want to play for hundreds of hours