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This category is for feedback regarding Minecraft Dungeons, an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. To talk about dungeons IN the current game of Minecraft, please use the Structures category. Be sure to separate your ideas so people know what they're voting for. Bugs, support issues, gameplay questions, ideas that already have threads in progress, and things covered by the FAQ will be removed. Thanks, and enjoy Minecraft Dungeons!


Settings Advancement


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    I agree, wanted to put my artifacts to q w e but then it would spam lol

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    It would be awesome if we could get the ability to disable the quick chat key binds or have the ability to change them on pc. For example, I'd prefer to have my abilities and heal bound to Q, W, E, & R but because one of the quick chats is bound to w and I can't disable that I can't do that. I'd prefer to just have the option to use T to bring up the chat wheel instead of having pre-bound quick chat keys that I can't change and that prevents me from using the layout I want.


    Please take it into consideration. It would be much appreciated.

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    In local multiplayer, there are diff. colors for each player. There should be an option to change the colors for P1, P2, P3, and P4, etc.