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The Shyeld (A new tamable mob in the Nether)


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    Cool! Honestly this is a good idea, but what would its use be? Would it protect you from damage like an actual shield would?

    Verdict: Idea has potential, and I have voted for it, but please go into detail as to the use of the mob.

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    Other details

    • The Shyeld would have five hearts, but will only take damage when it's head or body is exposed. It can be healed by giving it magma cream.
    • The Shyeld wouldn’t take fire damage and can also float over lava.
    • The Shyeld would be able to extend its shields up to 2 blocks away from its body.
    • The shields would leave the body (leaving a small trail of smoke behind, also leaving itself exposed to attack), for about 5 seconds then the shield would come back to its body.
    • When it feels threatened nearby mobs. It would spin around rapidly, extending its shields, pushing most nearby mobs away. Followed by it quickly getting away.
    • If it was tamed The Shyeld would follow the player around.
    • If the player is being attacked The Shyeld would use it shields to protect (Using its shields to protect you) giving the player time to run, attack, or eat.
    • It will move all 4 of its shields in front of you (Protecting you from damage), when the shield is attacked, they will be deactivated and would go back to its body (Giving it 10 seconds)
    • When protecting the player, The Shyeld can be subject to attack.
    • When the player wants The Shyeld to sit, they just have to right click and The Shyeld would slowly fall to the ground, where it would sit and look around.
    • If exposed to water, The Shyeld would slowly take damage. (If submerged, the damage would happen a lot faster) (It would try it's best to avoid water)
    • If you killed it it wouldn't drop anything, but it dies while defending you it can drop its shields
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    Wow! I love this idea. Amazing thoughts and I can see you are talented at making good ideas.

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    I like "the shyeld" you have my vote