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Netherite beacons should give negative effects such as Poison


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    WASSsosa commented
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    How about status effects like blindness or mining fatigue, effects like those cannot be made into potions and can only be made by finding certain mobs, a way to get negative effects (other than levitation) other than finding mobs. Although it would make sense too, why would someone waste netherite blocks on beacons then to do iron, gold or emeralds all of which can be farmed, it kinda acts like diamond blocks: just a way to flex.

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    I disagree in the fact that thease beacons could be 'evil beacons' or something, make a crafting for a beacon that gives bad effects (and maybe apply it also to mobs). It could be a very interesting mechanic and very fun for multiplayer.

    In addition, the crafting could be with crying obsidian