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Warped lands (End update)


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    starogue1831 commented
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    Along with this crashed end ships would be found in the deserts. Add more features and ideas down below :). Flying I enchanted books would also be found here and would give you more control over the speed of the elytra, making it faster and slower/ more sensitive for better and cooler control

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    elderbug5440 commented
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    Cant really think of an unique mob to live there, i would put in normal mobs but the have a random level 2 effect and are slightly stronger with higher chances to have good armor

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    "end stone would contain loot at your own risk of dangerous redstone traps"

    Maybe end temples that have loot you can only get there and are super rare. Maybe the temple has redstone and maybe new redstone item traps, or traps that can almost instantly kill you if u have low health.

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    I think if only sparce biomes with few trees were warped into the end like this, it would be a good idea. The sad, desolate, and forgotten feel of the End would definitely be made more apparent if this biome was added. I think the faded golems in the abandoned villages should be neutral until you open a chest. Whenever walking through the town, the golem would try to give you a warped rose, and follow you around with the flower in hand until you leave the village. 

    As for mobs, I think endermites should spawn at the same rate passive mobs spawn in the overworld. I don't know if a new mob besides the golem is necessary for this update, but it would be a welcome addition.

    I think the potion effect you are talking about should be nerfed a little bit. maybe 20 minutes? Other than that, I really like this idea. 

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    How about living items for the new mob, like rare flying books, self-sailing boats, and mobile minecarts?

    The boats and minecarts would be obtainable, but they would still move on their own.

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    esta bien el bosque deformado en el end porque en ese bosque tambien hay endermans