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/gamerule doMobTransformation (true/false)


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    A command can also be added to prevent a baby mob from becoming an adult. I voted!

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    A horse into a skeleton horse or a trap horse when struck by lightning. A zombie villager into a villager when given a golden apple and weakness potion. A villager into a witch when struck by lightning. And I don’t think a creeper into a charged creeper would count since a charged creeper is still just a creeper with different EntityData.

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    Good idea I voted!

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    MatiasDragon commented
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    I'd rather have more specific gamerules for enabling or disabling mob transformations. Having only one gamerule for all different types could be annoying at some level. It would be more effective if you could choose to stop lightning transformations or dimension dependent transformations instead of getting rid of them all.

    (btw I'm still voting this xD)