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Hardness of ORES is incorrect. Make TNT more fun/usefull in mining.


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    Zeffi Toto commented
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    I think Moh's hardness scale is only concerned with cutting. You can still smash a diamond with a hammer. TNT causes all destroyed blocks to be dropped now anyway, so there's no worry about it destroying diamonds or other ores, if that's what this is about.

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    Having a harder time cutting something is a good assumption of having a better blast/shock resistance as well when it comes to rocks and stones. You can also destroy obsidian with a hammer, the assumption here is that TNT in minecraft is unable to do this. TNT is made as strong as one wants it to be irl.

    If someone uses a lot of TNT to make a hole or fire it horizontally to create a cave it's would make sense harder stones stay up and do not drop as items because the next blast will destroy those items anyway which would still not make sense according to hardness of those materials. Mining them with your pickaxe to obtain them would be the most logical step next this being just a more fun method to mine for materials in my honest opinion. The automatic mining options in minecraft in it's current state is a bit on the slow side which makes it a bit boring after 10 years of playing.