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BetterEnder chest functionality


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    DeVilCakes42 commented
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    how about the ender chest that will allow you to send items to other players items. Say that you are at one place and the other player is hundreds and hundreds blocks away and can't get back to the items that they need and you are right there you could simply put it into the better Ender Chest and the other player could simply open the chest  to get the item out.

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    RobinHood5029 commented
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    Do you mean that you could have unlinked ender chests if you want more storage, because ender chests can only have one "channel" that has 27 slots? That would be a great idea, the recipe should be a piece of die added to an ender chest or something like that.

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    Kato GS123 commented
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    Maybe what this could be is it gives us more Ender Chest options, like say surrounding a EnderChest with let’s say Iron, Gold, Diamonds or Emeralds or even Netherite gives you a bigger Ender Chest Inventory, and it’s only that channel that lets you get those items
    Example: surrounding with Iron turns the Ender Chest a silvery tint coloring and it’ll act like a Double Chest when it comes to how much it can hold. Surrounding a Ender chest with gold will only give you one more row of inventory space in the enderchest, and the chest itself will have a gold tint to it, surrounding with Diamonds gives you the size of Two Double Chests in the Ender Chest and it’ll be tinted with a diamond blue coloring, with Emeralds, it’ll increase to Three double chest size with an emerald green tinting, and finally with Netherite, it could hold up to eight Double chest inventory space with the enderchest itself looking like it is made of Netherite.

    Also this idea can work with normal chests increasing the space inside, and Shulker Boxes as well! It might be pricey to upgrade them but I’m sure it’s worth it One you can have enough space to hold all your items!

    And I thought of a way to share items too! Use different color dyes and a name tag to upgrade a normal Ender chest into a chest that you can share with others, you can either pick and choose who has access or you can make it so everyone can use it(tho honestly I’d never let everyone use it)

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    Although I think this may be a great singleplayer or modded idea, this would not work on multiplayer worlds unless there are less than 16 players (so that everyone can get their own color/colors) where all of the players trust each other and communicate with each other. Let's say Bob uses the lime ender chest to send items from his sugarcane farm to his storage system. One day, Joe realizes he is out of paper to make firework rockets, but he knows Bob puts those in the lime ender chest. All he has to do is craft one up super simple and steal the sugarcane from Bob. And even if everyone is able to communicate with each other and trust each other, what if John wants ones that link from a mob grinder, a cactus farm, a TNT chamber, a wool farm, an iron farm, a slime farm, a witch farm, etc. when there are a few people that play on the world. This wouldn't leave much room for everyone to each be able to use their own colors. So between the fact that people could easily steal from someone else's ender chests and that there would only be so many to go around, I don't think this is quite a good vanilla suggestion.