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Crimson Forest VS Warped Forest


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    This is a good idea overall. more mobs and mechanics, plus a new idea (red vs blue). the only thing I think would be problematic is zoglins living there. The biome would be all zoglins after a few minutes.

    My Suggestions: when zombie piglins outnumber piglins, they will attack. Zoglins will do the same to hoglins.

    • Hoglins will attack Zoglins unless outnumbered.
    • When piglins outnumber zombie piglins, they will attempt to convert zombie piglins into piglins using a golden food item and a splash potion of weakness. this has a 60% chance of converting the zombie piglin within 10 seconds. otherwise, the piglins retreat.
    • Piglins will rarely spawn in warped forests in groups of 7-12 to convert, pillage, and kill zoglins.
    • Endermen should not leave the warped forest because the borders between biomes gets fuzzy after a few hours in the nether. It turns into a purple mess!
    • Bastion Remnants will spawn in Warped forests only on the borders.

    I agree that the idea of Red vs Blue is a very cool idea, but it shouldn't be as finely cut as pillagers and villagers. You have my vote!


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    Brandahman52 commented
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    I'm my god this so good everyone knows that blue is better but yay red vs blue!