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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


The Suspended Encampment (Includes concept image!)


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    Nodi Khan commented
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    이제 이것은 서사시입니다

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    best possible concept ive seen yet !!!!

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    Nicole Todd commented
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    Maybe there could be multiple kinds of this structure with some being just one room with a chest and others being up to 10 rooms with varying decoration.

    But overall great idea you have my vote.

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    James Cumming commented
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    The Good: Basically everything

    The Bad: Absolutely Nothing

    The Ugly: Nothing to say.


    Verdict: Wow. I have voted. Best idea I've ever seen on here. Love the image.

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    I have to say, this looks really cool, I like the concept, is unique, and uses an underused part of the Nether. One of the best structures I've seen.