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Keep the adventure crystals.



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    Oh absolutely we have to keep these crystals in minecraft earth.

    Unfortunately the worldwide circumstances we all are dealing with will not be going away anytime soon & other similar situations certainly occur all the time on a smaller scale.

    The only adventures I have encountered in public are in areas where people give you weird looks for standing nearby playing around with your phone camera especially for those of us who are on a nightshift schedule. I have encountered these around small parks by people's houses where there is nowhere to park in town, or in bank parking lots (doesn't look good to police when the bank is closed)
    Its just very difficult to play when you have vital resources like iron that have to be gained through many adventures 1 ore block at a time, yet you are unable to get to those areas, others don't want you there, or are unable to use the VR functions due to not enough light or "patterns".

    In all honesty these adventures are not functional unless you have very good lighting. I have to relocate even at home to get the adventure working on a steady basis.

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    I definitely agree. The only adventures near my house spawn in the park near me and usually the school near there doesn't let me go to the park and people think I'm weird when they see what I'm doing. The spawned adventures should also be smaller physically so I can play them in my living room instead of my yard.

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    SevralTimez commented
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    Hey, we absolutely will keep them! We added them because they're a great experience and we know players are really enjoying them!

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    Sassaroth commented
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    I still have not collected enough iron bars to make a pick. I am level 18. I just don't have the enthusiasm to play. I keep playing my mini adventures. I aee gold and other precious stuff I could mine... if I could find iron. But I can't, and I am disabled amd homebound. This is my first minecraft game. I am still sticking with it. I just need iron.

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    Cschembri11 commented
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    I like the adventure crystals and being able to play from home, but the last 2 adventures I activated crashed my phone and I lost almost half the time by the time i restarted and got into the adventure. It would be great if there were two timers, 20 minutes total in case you need to exit and change your inventory, and 10 minutes while in the adventure. I'm really enjoying the new update but the adventure crashes are a real negative. I also died and lost my new items because the game froze during the adventure.

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    Mae Unknown commented
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    I agree, everyone should be able to love and enjoy Minecraft and some kids don't/aren't allowed to have data but at least the crystal adventures are a great way to still keep it interesting for them to!

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    F1R3FLY commented
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    Thanks Mojang! I love the adventures, but not the timeout errors. More puzzles!!