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Minecraft.net and the feedback section of the website. Don't see your post? Check the links in the pinned post. Thank you! Posts regarding individual posts, bug posts, support issues, update requests, and general gameplay assistance requests will be removed.


Links to MC Feedback rules should be more noticeable!

under review


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    Burger Eater commented
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    This a great idea for people new to the site! we need this. maybe there can be other highlights for things like " post feedback here", it could be highlighted in blue maybe?

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    Hundek12 commented
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    Well, posted this feedback because few of my ideas got rejected and I didn't know why, so I started looking for something that could tell me what was wrong. Honestly, I wouldn't ever think that it is put in those 4 links. People like when they receive all the rules in one post - Feedback Site messed it up a little dividing the rules into 4 posts. Highlighting the rules will help everyone because even community members who visit this site since months may not know the rules.

    I agree that 'Post Feedback' also should be more noticeable, it can be a button.