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"Coyote Time" Only on Mobs


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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    I'd rather have it removed from the game. Small things being harder to hit totally makes sense.

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    I think I have a solution for the problem with this mechanic: Coyote time variables

    If a hard to hit enemy or a player were to be damaged by an attack from a player using coyote time, they’d take 50% or 35% less damage, which adds a slight level of punishment for not hitting a normal attack. However, this does not apply to bigger or more slower mobs. And boss mobs like the wither and ender dragon should take one and a half hearts extra for every coyote time attack. This makes coyote time also a blessing In certain moments when NOT In pvp.

    There should be a “wit” system that determines If mobs take normal damage, less damage, or more damage. Zombies, guardians, endermen and husks have low wit, while baby zombies, rabbits, players, and ghasts have high wit.