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Strider Face


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    ScioRegis commented
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    A happy face in the lava, because they like to be there, and a sad face on the ground. That can be easier to understand than the tremors (They make me think that it will transform like a piglin or a zombie).

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    DampedRat06 commented
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    Smile in lava, frown on land. Keep the shaking too

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    aogasd commented
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    I see your suggestion for a happy face but to keep the cute goblin energy I raise the option to just make them have an even more miserable face on land.
    Honestly striders have Eeyore energy and they need to keep it.

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    DAWETGOAT commented
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    And a strider can burn on water, but the fire around him is blue

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    CraftOnABox commented
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    I do not mind this but I want them to keep there face texture no matter what even if happy in lava.

    There texture is amazing I hope it never changes

    If they get a slightly evil happy grin in lava but sad face outside lava I hope the face outside lava is there current face and not a lower Texture quality.