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Chest on the Strider, similar to that of a donkey or llama!


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    But imagine if it died and you lost all your items in lava. This is why I didn't vote for swamp, imagine a trident drowned one shotting your chest boat, and the items being almost impossible to save (due to trenches, dolphins, and other obstacles).

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    babyllamas97 commented
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    Maybe it would have to be made out of the nether trees so that way it could go through lava, or maybe if the add in netherite shulker boxes/chests

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    I like this! Makes a new utility mob even more useful and we've yet to get a form of mobile storage in the Nether.

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    guiton2002 commented
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    Then we would need a chest that doesn't burn.

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    Lili5510 commented
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    If they do this, the chest should be placed on top of their head; Striders carrying blocks instead of chests would be more fitting in my opinion, maybe you could stack 'em, but they'd be stationary until you retrieve them.